The World Boxing Hall of Fame

Most boxers simply desire to make it through a fight without serious injury and to continue earning enough money to pursue their passions. A select few, however, rise to the top of the boxing world and aim to leave memories of a legend in action. Those that succeed in this goal are remembered for generations and find a place in the World Boxing Hall of Fame (WBHF).

There are actually two internationally recognized halls of fame dedicated to the sport of boxing, and the WBHF is the one located in Los Angeles, California. In 1980, Everett L. Sanders founded the WBHF, but it did not find a permanent location until 2005. This limited growth and success, but since the permanent location was opened, the museum has gained respect and increased visibility.

Boxing fans relish the opportunity to recall the greats of years that have passed. The WBHF provides a perfect opportunity for such an experience. Any fan desiring to explore the world of boxing should consider visiting the WBHF